Architecture 'Additional Reading' List


Seen as you have all these spare half days, empty slots in your timetable and possibly even a reading week, as if, I've taken the time to list out some of the books I think you will find interesting - let's be honest...even if it's just to look at the pictures.

So, as for a more general and inspirational collection, there is a huge selection to choose from regarding Design and Architecture, Furniture and Product. It is a great idea to have a copy of them main books as recommended by your course however often there is not a huge selection to choose from when it comes to the Interior, here is a selection of additional book, perhaps for the Christmas and birthday lists:

  1. Brooker, G & Stone S. (2008) Context & Environment (Basics Interior Architecture Series 02), Lausanne: AVA Academia

  2. Ching, F D K, & Binggeli C. (2012) Interior Design Illustrated, Van Nostrand & Reinhold

  3. Frampton K, Modern Architecture, A Critical History, London: Thames & Hudson

  4. Gagg, R. (2011) Texture & Materials (Basics Interior Architecture Series 05), Lausanne: AVA Academia

  5. Massey, A. (2008) Interior Design Since 1900, London: Thames & Hudson

  6. Rasmussen, S. E. (1962) Experiencing Architecture, Boston: MIT Press

  7. Farrelly, L. (2014) Representational Techniques, (Basic Architecture Series 01), Lausanne: AVA Academia

  8. Aquilino, M J. (2011) Beyond Shelter: Architecture For Crisis, Thames & Hudson