5 Tips To Create YOUR Perfect Studio / Office

Welcome to my wee studio, aka home-office/dining room but I'm guessing that's what many people are rocking. Today I'm taking you through my studio set up and offering up my 5 top tips to help you in creating yours. Art, design and crafting can [and does] take over our homes and whilst this can be amazing, it can also drive others insane. My Dad used to threaten to 'clean' with a black plastic bag. 

But that doesn't stop us. 

In my tiny wee flat, of course, I have a wee studio...one wall dedicated to inspiration at my dining table which, on occasion, is used for that purpose. This wall is pretty much the last thing I see before I sleep and the first thing when I wake, which doesn't really help me get to sleep for all the new ideas buzzing around in my head - but I love it. 

My desk has everything I need on it, and it gets pretty cluttered for someone with OCD but oddly I like it that way...it's organised chaos.

  1. Pick a location with lots of natural light but also power sockets for artificial light. I sit near the window so I get natural light, a view of the trees but am not too distracted by what is going on outside.

  2. Surround yourself with inspiration. This will be different for everyone but for me its pictures of friends and family, inspirations quotes, images of art I love, stationary, and colour. I have some of my work framed to remind me of my recent works and pin boards of general stuff I like, this gets changed up when new things arise or a new season inspires a little change.

  3. Set the atmosphere, I do this with music. Nothing in particular but I love a bit of background noise to distract my mind and all those random thoughts, or an audio book on audible - I'm currently listen to The Happiness Project. I also love scented candles and often have one or two burning as I work.

  4. Stay organised, we all love stationary and washi tapes and paper and so on but clutter will only distract and put you off. Make your desk welcoming and easy to work at. Use cups, glasses, empty candle holders, whatever you can to help store all those pens and pencils you have.

  5. Work space and surface, keep this relatively empty so you always have a space to start a new project and remember to protect the surface your working on...in my case my dining table, incase you will use it for just that!! I use a large cutting mat to protect the table top when I am cutting stuff and quite often put down a large sheet of white paper as a background for photos.