5 Reasons Why I Became A Designer

  1. I love design, its that simple. It’s who I am, it’s what I think about. I see, analyse and critic it all the time. I surrounded myself with things that inspire me, and I find new ideas and projects everywhere.

  2. I get to express my creativity in my work and what I do. I work with other like-minded, creative people. We collaborate, we problem solve, we encourage and push each other, but most importantly, we think outside the box.

  3. I am constantly learning. I design, redesign, test, redesign…It’s not easy and its never 9-5 but I design things that are made, or built, and will hopefully be there for a very long time.

  4. My job involves a lot of critical thinking and understanding of phycology. I design for the end-user so it’s not about colour or fluffy decor but I design out spaces; homes and workplaces. It directly effects peoples daily lives.

  5. I’m an Architect but I teach too so I get to give back. I’m truly passionate about what I do and love working with students and young designers in their studies and projects.


what are your reasons?