FREE Email Course #RockYourDegree

It's almost a year since I left my role as Senior Lecturer back in the UK to move to Iceland. In that time I've achieved so many goals that were on my To-Do list but on there was a 'Student Advice'. I wanted to form an output, a way of offering my answers to all those questions previously asked to me and pass on the same advice to other students. So I got typing and created my first email course. 

It simple. You sign up for the FREE emails and you will immediately be sent Day 1 of the 5 Day email course. The course runs over 5 days so you'll get an email each day. Each email focusses on a different topic and they're packed with information and useful links. I hope you get loads out of this email course so let's get started and #RockYourDegree

DAY 1 - Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

  • How to be organised and focussed

  • How to best storage equipment and materials

  • How to store stock for online shops, i.e. Etsy

  • The importance of storing and keeping all student project work

  • What to do with physical models, saving and backing up digital work

  • Online Portfolio

DAY 2 - Inspiration + Motivation

  • How to stay focussed, inspired and motivated

  • How to create moods boards and sketchbooks

  • The importance of evidencing your design process within the sketchbook

  • How to get in the habit of using the Library

  • Sorting your Instagram feed to reflect you as a designer

  • Pinterest

  • The benefits of team work and a study group

  • How to look after number 1

DAY 3 - Plan + Prepare + Present

  • How to be organised so stress doesn't get the better of you

  • Staying onto of dates and deadlines

  • The Layoutlines Library

  • Apps to help you stay organised in project management

  • How to prep your mind, space, supplies and food ready for any project or challenge

  • Presentation tips for before, during and after your presentation

  • What is professionalism

  • What to do if you fail

DAY 4 - Communication, Connections, Collaborations

  • Communication and note taking

  • How to contact faculty (your lecturers)

  • Writing academic work

  • LinkedIn

  • Your online presence

  • Networking

  • How to get the most out of Uni social events

  • How to approach an office for help, internship or employment

DAY 5 - Let’s Get Real

  • The course finishes with a bit of perspective on studying and graduating

  • And...ideas on how to show off your skills and stand out from the crowd