30 Day No Spend Challenge

30 Day No Spend Challenge

It’s September and the Viking and I have agreed to take on the 30 Day No Spend Challenge. I’ve seen this challenge on YouTube and suggested to the Viking that we try it so here we go - heading into September and we’re gonna see how it goes.


For the month of September we will only spend money on necessities (i.e. bills, groceries, petrol, emergencies). Sounds pretty easy in theory.

No treats and we will try to live out the cupboards/fridge/freezer, and make the most of walking and cycling to cut down on car use.


Just to be clear, we’re not doing this because we’re low on money but instead to see how things go when we only spend on necessities. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a pleasant surprise but let’s see how well we do.

Is Minimalism Next?

I like the idea of minimalism but I’m far off becoming a minimalist. It would be more realistic to aim for ‘minimalish’ so I feel this is a good start, and I think it’ll be an eye opener.


Feel free to join the challenge and check in with us (I’ll be vlogging it). I hope we can stick to it, learn from it and save some pennies/krona in the meantime. You can either join me in going cold turkey or ease yourself in with some of the ideas below:

  1. Go cold turkey - Try not spending anything, at all for 30 days!!

  2. Ease yourself in - Don’t spend on shopping (clothes, toys, gadgets, tech, accessories, etc)

  3. Focus on one area of your spending - Don’t spend eating out (no restaurants, no fast food, no quick lunches, no coffee out)

  4. Not buying essentials - Don’t spend on skin care, make up, cleaning stuff etc (use up what’s in your cupboard or make your own)