10 Reasons To Become An Architect

Ever thought about going into Architecture, undecided on your subject or slogging your guts out studying for exams to get the grades for University? Well, in case you need a little boost or reminder of your goals, here are my top 10 Reasons To Become An Architect. 

10. 7 years training gives you a load of different skills. Plus you get to immerse yourself in an intellectually stimulating environment, and bond with your studio group.

9. You train not only within Architecture but also in interiors, urban planning, art history, construction, psychology, story telling, illustration, sculpture, presenting, debater - you become a thinker, creator, excuse maker.

8. These skills will prepare you for your career, whatever direction you take. You are not tied to Architecture.

7. You get to draw out solutions and build models which are developed into real scale things.

6. You never stop learning and gaining skills. Architects learn something new everyday. You will continue to learn way after uni, i.e you will understand and appreciate how things go together, come apart, function.

5. Architecture effects peoples lives, wether they realise it or not. Your work can and should improve their environment and make it safer. 

4. Passing a building and knowing that you are part of the reason it’s there, or at least the reason it looks like that.

3. Architecture is evolving and you have to evolve with it. Technology changes, new materials are created, your ideas develop, new arguments are presented, perspectives change…and you are part of this evolution.

2. You become a people persons. You will work on your own but also in a team, collaboration is a big part of it. You become part of the ‘Design Team’. You need to be able to communicate through spoken presentations as well as your drawings and models. You need to stay motivated, and motivate others. You have the power to inspire.

1. Buildings stand the test of time, and so they will hopefully be here for longer than you are. How cool is that, to think something up, draw it out, manage its build and then walk through its front door. It’s flipping cool.