design studio

As a British chartered Architect and Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture, I have experience working with students, clients and design teams on many projects from competition entries, Residential and Commercial projects, to NGO work. I offer a range of services from Initial Design Consultations (Concept Development), Layout Drawings and Models, to Planning Applications (UK only), Interior Design, Graphics, web design and presentation drawings. This is a small selection of my Personal and Professional work. 



  • Initial Design Consultations
  • Concept Development
  • Layout Drawings
  • General Design Advice (via email)


  • Planning Applications (UK only)
  • Residential + Commercial Projects
  • Interior Design
  • Presentation Drawings (2D + 3D)


  • Hand Illustrations
  • Computer Renders (Photoshop)
  • Mood Boards
  • 3D Physical Models


  • Website Design
  • e-commerce (online shop)
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media Graphics


teaching + tutorial work

As a Visiting Academic I offer a range of Lectures, Workshops, Tutorials and Class Discussions for students to participate in. You can download my Academic Bio here (2016-7). Please note that Lectures, Workshops and Class Discussions are delivered in person and Tutorials are available online. I'm based in Reykjavik, Iceland but travel back to the UK often. If you are a student looking for portfolio, design project or dissertation assistance please see below or contact me.




Sonia opens the doors of her studio and welcomes you to a series of casual, creative workshops from her home studio in central Reykjavik. These workshops are a great way to learn a new skill, with old or new friends, and take home your finished artwork. All workshop include essential materials which you can take away and practice until you’re a pro. There's tea and coffee, and often a scone too!! 



# Reykjavik Sketcher

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