the portfolio course

Welcome to The Portfolio Course, a course taught completely online through short video tutorials. Learn how to prepare, plan and build your Portfolio for Application to University, College or Employment. This course is taught by Sonia Nicolson, a chartered Architect and academic with over 7 years experience in portfolio presentation. Sonia has seen 1000's of students portfolios whilst working in higher education, interviewing students for degree course placement. 


prepare, plan + build A portfolio for application to university or employment

design portfolio online course

✓ 100% online + NOTES PROVIDED

✓ work at your own pace + rewatch anytime

✓ built-in CHAT to interact with other students

✓ course facebook community


What is an e-course and how do I learn?

  • E-courses are online courses, taught in a virtual classroom
  • Enrol in the course to gain access to the classes (videos)
  • It's 100% online, work at your own pace, anywhere, anytime
  • There is a series of short video tutorials to work through
  • Pause/re-watch anytime, your place on the course never expires
  • Notes are provided, course is hosted on

What will you learn

  • You will learn what a portfolio is (physical + digital)
  • You will learn why they are important
  • You will learn how it is used for academic and professional purpose
  • And You will learn what it should contain
  • You will also get advice on editing, layout and annotation (text)
  • And some tips on dealing with nerves and confidence

What else is included

  • An introduction and overview
  • Video tutorials taking you through the course
  • Notes from each section of the course
  • Examples of my work
  • Links to recommended websites
  • Optional projects (to help you build great content for your portfolio)
  • A discussion section (to chat about the course and ask questions)

Why choose this course?

  • Written and taught by myself, I share my experience to help you build the perfect portfolio for entry into Education/Employment
  • I have over 6 years experience teaching BA and MA students
  • I've interviewed hundreds of students for UK Design Degrees
  • I've held portfolio workshops internationally (British Council)
  • And I am hugely passionate about helping you achieve your goals!!


need a portfolio

Sign up for my online Portfolio Preparation course now to get lifetime access to my video tutorials. Easy to follow advice on how to build your portfolio and present it for interview. 

She has a lot of great ideas about how to put together and present your portfolio, and I appreciate her upbeat and encouraging tone.
— Rachel M


Have a portfolio but need feedback

Your portfolio's ready but you'd like someone to look over it. As an academic with 6 years+ experience in portfolio review and recruitment, get valuable advice to help you create a portfolio which best represents you. 

It really helped me to talk to Sonia about my portfolio, she pointed out things that worked and tips on how to make something stand out better through layouts. Our meeting was really nice and casual, kinda like meeting a friend for a coffee and a chat. I definitely recommend getting in touch with her for advice about your portfolio.
— Inga Hildur, Reykjavik