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Welcome to the Online Learning section of As a British chartered Architect and Academic with over 7 years experience working in Higher Education, Senior Lecturer teaching at BA and MA level, I have carefully put together the following Resources, Services and Online Courses to help you in your Studies, Projects, Careers and possibly life!! So, whether you are a Student, Young Designer or Creative Entrepreneur, there is something here for you. And, we welcome your suggestions for new content so please let us know.



Have your portfolio ready but want someone to look over it? As an academic with over 6 years experience of portfolio review and recruitment onto BA and MA courses, I offer valuable advice to help you create a portfolio which best represents you. It's simple - send your portfolio as a PDF by email and receive feedback within 24hrs.


Get access to loads of great templates and downloads.

  • Diaries, Planners and Organisers
  • Files and Templates
  • Checklists and Bucket lists,
  • File size reference sheets, project briefs and more


Sign up for an online tutorial to discuss your Academic or Professional project. Previously working as a Senior Lecturer at University level, I can assist with Final Major Projects and Dissertations, help with re-motivation and inspiration, discuss ideas and problem solving, general project process and project completion. 



The Portfolio Course, a course taught 100% online through short video tutorials. You'll learn how to prepare, plan and build your Portfolio for Application to University, College or Employment. This course has a one-off fee of £10 and gives you lifetime access. 

COLOUR THEORY for interiors

The 'Colour Theory for Interiors' course explains the basics of the colour wheel and takes you through an typical residential interior design project, room by room, explaining what each colour means, where it should be used and offers tips to help you create a new aesthetic and interior style. 

INTerior ARCHitecture basics

'Interior Architecture Basics' which gives an overview of Interior Architecture, exploring the typical jobs and projects of an Interior Architectural Designers. It gives a overview of the design process, projects and tips on how to run a successful project. 



university advice


In this video I talk about the gap year; pros and cons, should you take one?

In this video I talk about what your degree should be in, how to choose a subject or majoring in a specific topic.


In this video I talk about what university campus life will be like, student accommodation and how to deal with homesickness.

In this video I talk about what a typical lecture, seminar will be like at university and student social life.


In this video I talk about how to select the right school for your to study at, how important back up schools are and give some pointers on getting funding.

In this video I talk about the important of knowing and considering what is best for you and how to not be influenced by others in your university experience.


interior + architecture students


in this video i take you through the architect, and students, stationery haul showing all the tools you'll need and what they are used for.

in this video i recommend the best books for an architecture students booklists and show you what they look like inside.


in this video i go over 10 reasons to become an architect

this video is a tour of freeRange in london, the degree show for students of interior design and architecture


in this video i explain the 5 reasons why I became a designers to help you in your studies or career path.

In this video I talk about my university experience, studying abroad and my career as a female architect and lecturer.