As a British chartered Architect and Academic with over 7 years experience working in Higher Education, Senior Lecturer teaching at BA and MA level, I have carefully put together the following Resources, Services and Online Courses to help you in your Studies, Projects, Careers and possibly life!! So, whether you are a Student, Young Designer or Creative Entrepreneur, there is something here for you. And, we welcome your suggestions for new content so please let us know.



Have your portfolio ready but want some feedback? As an academic with over 6 years experience of Portfolio Review and recruitment onto BA and MA courses, I offer valuable advice to help you create a portfolio which best represents you. It's simple - send your portfolio as a PDF and receive feedback within 24hrs.


onlinE TUTORIAL + mentoring

Sign up for an online tutorial or student mentoring. Previously working as a Senior Lecturer I can assist with everything from sketchbook and research work to Final Major Projects and Dissertations. Get motivated and inspired, discuss ideas and design solutions, get career advice or feedback on your CV and much more.



Get access to loads of great templates and downloads.

  • Diaries, Planners and Organisers
  • Files and Templates
  • Checklists and Bucket lists
  • File size reference sheets, project briefs and more




I found Sonia’s teaching approach to be very relaxed which was refreshing - as if we were on the same level; colleagues rather than Tutor / Student. During my studies at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) it became apparent that Sonia drew inspiration not only from her surroundings but from the people she worked with; her students. The diversity of her knowledge and skills was always evident in her work. Plus she has a distinctive and infectious laughter, with charisma to match!
— Sasha Bolatovich, UK
A wonderful lecturer, Sonia is probably one of the very few people I look up to and hate to disappoint. Having been extremely supportive all through my Higher Education, she has always pushed me to do better; which is one of the main reasons I transferred from RMI Bangalore, where she lead our course, to the UK where she had taken up a new teaching position.
— Niriksha Baliga, India
Sonia is a great teacher who has given me the opportunity to develop not just as a Designer but as a person too. Her teaching skills were perfect for my transition from Art Foundation to BA Honours. She is truly inspirational.
— Trishita Ghosh, UK
Sonia’s optimism and enthusiasm inspires others to reach their full potential. She has helped and guided me on a wide range of interior design and architecture projects, and enriched my work through her innovative design thinking and creativity. Sonia offers the best advice and I feel privileged to have been taught by and worked with her!
— Katie Thomas, UK
Throughout my university degree, Sonia always supported my style of working and ideas, no matter how crazy they were. She always knew the right things to say to motivate and inspire you. Sonia is just amazing!
— Will De Liefde-Foote, UK