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What's the first thing you do when you meet a new contact, client or want to buy a new product / service? You hit google. Am I right? We all do it, we go online to check out their website and social media channels. Well, that's exactly what people will do for your business too, so let's make sure your new customer lands on your site with a WOW!!

Working closely with my clients, I work to create a beautiful and professional website in Squarespace for my clients.


  • Beautiful design that's easy to use and helps convert your site visitors into fans, followers + customers, which will help your business grow!!
  • Get ranked in Google with great SEO so people find you and love you.

  • A website that works on all devices.

  • Galleries which can be used for your images or products

  • E-Commerce / online shop
  • Easy to use metrics so you can tell what's popular, working well or not



1. Let's chat. We will set up an online call where we can discuss your needs and start to map out the site for you. At this stage you will need to agree on your domain, website address. It is a good idea to obtain the same name across all social media platforms. 

2. Next up is setting the tone and vibe. You vibe attracts your tribe so let's set up a branding with colours, fonts and photography to help reflect your brand. Your prep work also includes a bit of market research where we ask you to show us examples of work you like, editing styles and brands you admire. 

3. Working with the examples you have shown, and my own research into your industry, competition and ideal client / customer, I will start to sketch up a layout and look for your new website as well as planning content and direction for each page. 

4. Once you have your domain registered, I will work to direct the address to a landing page until your site is up and running.

5. Whilst your web address points to a branded 'welcome' or 'coming soon' land page, I will work to develop the new site and its content, implementing your branding throughout. Throughout this process you'll be able to view your site as a preview and give feedback.

6. Now comes the technical part. I will work in the backend of your site to make sure all links and forms are working and that your domain is pointing to your site. This can take a few days to register and complete. This is when I will implement best SEO practices, set your site up with Google Analytics, and register your site with Squarespace.

7. Once it's all up and running, you have the final say and can make adjustments where needed. 

8. Let's Launch - and you'll want to tell the world too, so I'll send you some complimentary branded social media graphics to share on your chosen platforms. woohoo!!


Prices start from £600

Typically it takes 6-8 weeks to design and build a new website, this is an estimate - it all depending on your needs. I'll be able to give you an exact timeline during our consult.

*Squarespace fees and your domain hosting costs are not included in my design costs, these remain the responsibility of the client to purchase. I'm happy to provide whatever assistance you need


If you have any questions prior to placing your order, either email me on or tweet me @LAYOUTLINES

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