Project Brief: My Room, My Interior


LOOKING TO BOOST YOUR PORTFOLIO CONTENTS? Using found objects and materials you are going to build a scale model of your room.You will build all four walls and give the room a floor, the room will have a door and windows. You will then start to plan out the furniture and create miniatures of your bed, cupboard, desk, chair, mirror, etc until the room is complete. You should try to recreate as many details within the room as possible. Start with fabric items such as your bedding, curtains, and move such as dressing gown, etc. Build items on your desk, a computer, books, etc. 

For those looking to study within spatial, interior or architectural design, model making is an important skill in communicating and developing ideas. It can take a great deal of time and patience but can be a lot of fun. Try your model in only white materials, then take photographs of it to include in your portfolio. You can also consider doing a step by step page showing how you constructed your model. Here are some examples from my Pinterest Architectural Physical Models Board