New Years Resolutions 2017

So, in the spirit of not putting too much pressure on myself or worrying about deadlines, today I am sharing my 2017 new years resolutions. 


MY 2017 New Years Resolutions

  1. Be happy. Just be

  2. Don't fall ill because you're overworked

  3. Get fitter + healthier

  4. Plan each creative idea with time

  5. Drink more water (hot with lemon)

  6. Don't measure success by money

  7. Reach out, make more connections + collaborate

  8. Travel, make more memories

  9. Share more work, show off a little

  10. Plan our wedding


Feel free to share your new years resolutions in the comments below, it will be fun to see if we have any in common. Happy 2017 + good luck.


Sonia Nicolson

Hi, I'm Sonia from Edinburgh, Scotland. I relocated to Reykjavik, Iceland back in February 2016 to live life with my Viking, Ingimar (marrying summer 2017). I blog about Design, Travel and Lifestyle and upload a weekly 'Living in Iceland' vlog every Thursday on my YouTube channel