INDIA: Traffic Police

Last weekend, after the exhibition, I went for an ice cream with friends. I drove down on my scooter and parked outside, chatting away about a theme party we were planning, we saw a Fancy Dress shop and got distracted. After a mini fashion show we came outside only to find my scooter gone and another one parked in its place. Slightly panicking, I asked the guys outside the shop if they saw any Police and they said "yes, few minutes ago". Luckily the friends I was with were just driving past in their car so I stopped them and got in. We drove towards the Traffic Police 'office' (a piece of land hidden behind a tall wall) hoping to catch them on their way back. No such luck, once we reached I saw my wee bike and had to go claim it. 

Foreign, no license or paperwork on me, I kept my mouth shut, gave my friend money, and let him do all the talking. A few minutes later I was told to unlock the bike and go, having given money to the traffic police guy, the truck driver and some other dude.


Sonia Nicolson

Hi, I'm Sonia from Edinburgh, Scotland. I relocated to Reykjavik, Iceland back in February 2016 to live life with my Viking, Ingimar (marrying summer 2017). I blog about Design, Travel and Lifestyle and upload a weekly 'Living in Iceland' vlog every Thursday on my YouTube channel