INDIA: Oktoberfest

What a weekend...first Oktoberfest, and this is my first Oktoberfest, held at the 5 star Taj Hotel last night on MG Road.  Plenty of beer, German sausages and other yummy food, lots of friends, people dress to impress, a live band with excellent signers (and they even performed Bollywood numbers and of course Jai Ho!) and a load of drunk people swaying beer mugs around, dancing/singing up on tables until they collapsed.  I would even say my German improved! 

Then today the F1 is being held in Delhi.  This seems like a particularly stupid idea but it is all going ahead - in a country that has now taken more than two years to construct the road my office is on and one which messed up the Commonwealth Games so much.  Nevertheless, lesson may have been learnt, or a completely new and uncorrupted team are organising it all.  So, let’s hope it all goes smoothly and the track is in one piece, clean, clear of cows and elephants and monkeys! 

Then, after watching a bit of the race from the comfort of my sunny penthouse, I will get ready for tonight’s Metallica concert...which I hope goes ahead.  So far I hear they are in Bangalore and not being too Rock n Roll so let’s see, shanti shanti.  They were due to perform two nights ago in Delhi for the start of the F1 however, for those who have not heard, they cancelled the gig due to the lack of organisation and mainly lack of security.  Something about people waiting for a long time before they came on/no barriers so people could push forward and get on stage.  Whatever and whoever is to blame, the news reports showed people (randoms either standing around doing nothing or throwing water about, not exactly Rock n Rock) and not Metallica on stage!  This is not surprising as, from experience of a few concerts here in Bangalore, security is not a huge priority here and it does seem that India is not prepared for large gigs like Metallic. 

I went to see Prodigy with a group of friends a few month ago and at the security gate they asked to see my bag, merely looked at it (not inside) and let me walk through the gate which also beeped.  I will add that we were walking on additional security gates which had fallen and no one has pick them up yet.  We met many people who had jumped the walls to get in and also a lot of drunk/high people who were very entertaining.  Bangalore is the 'Garden City' aka 'retirement city' - it is not very Rock n Roll so I fit in nicely. 

So, I have been watching some YouTube videos to help me get into Metallica - I will be staying near to back, head banging until my neck aces and probably recognising more songs than I realised I knew.  This is a once in a lifetime concert so I hope it goes ahead - but what a weekend! 


Sonia Nicolson

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