INDIA: Karnataka Day

Tuesday was a state holiday as Karnataka, the state in South India which is home to Bangalore, celebrated its Formation Day (Karnataka Rajyotsava). Each year this day is a holiday and celebrated by flying flags, mostly by auto rickshaw drivers.  To be honest it is a day which could go by without much notice until someone questions the flags. Karnataka was created on 1 November 1956, with the passing of the States Reorganization Act.

Previously know as the State of Mysore, the state was renamed in 1973 and has been known as Karnataka since. It is said that the name Karnataka comes from the Kannada (local language of Karnataka) words karu and nādu, meaning elevated land since. This might be correct as Bangalore is set on an elevated land, therefore it had what is called a good climate here in India. However, at the moment, this just means cold and windy! 


Sonia Nicolson

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