2018 New Years Resolutions

2018 is already looking to be an epic year with the BIG NEWS we shared last week. I looked back on my 2017 New Years resolutions and was pretty proud of the year. With a load of personal projects and layoutlines work under my belt, I surpassed 1k subscribers on YouTube channel and 4k on Instagram. I managed my workload and took on projects in new areas. I also started and trained up in Roller Derby making some great friends too. 

I loved working for myself and collaborating on content for others. One of the biggest things we did was plan, design and get married - it was the perfect day, a dream come true. Now we end the year on a high, pregnant and looking forward to the next big adventure!!

All in all, a pretty good year. So, today I'm listing my 2018 New Years Resolutions. 

  1. Be happy. Be content. Be grateful. 

  2. Manage your workload and don't take on too much

  3. Stay fit + healthy

  4. Plan each creative idea with time

  5. Drink more water

  6. Don't measure success by money or numbers

  7. Reach out, make more connections + collaborate

  8. Travel, make more memories, make the most of living in Iceland

  9. Share more work, show off a little

  10. Prepare for baby!!

2018 New Years Resolutions



Sonia Nicolson

Hi, I'm Sonia from Edinburgh, Scotland. I relocated to Reykjavik, Iceland back in February 2016 to live life with my Viking, Ingimar (marrying summer 2017). I blog about Design, Travel and Lifestyle and upload a weekly 'Living in Iceland' vlog every Thursday on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/soniascot